Our values are the principles we use to run our Company. The source of our entire Code, a sort of ethical backbone, is CLIFE that stands for Client value, Leadership By Example, Integrity and Consistency, Fairness, and Excellence.



The creative, team-oriented, and highly supervised work with no compromise to the quality will make you feel the excellence of real-dream animation.

Game Development

Play games on your mobile, tablet, or desktop. World class games sometimes focusing our tradition and culture give you back the classic feeling of video gaming and more.

Application Software

Drive your business with a new boost by working with us. Our standard business intelligence can help you grow your business larger and faster.

Mobile Application

We build apps mostly related to your every day needs to make your life easier. Various apps designed for all categories of people are about to bring changes in your lives for sure!


This department is driven with the help of Artificial Intelligence (AI), Internet of Things (IoT), Intelligent Digital Marketing, etc.


University Admission System

We have profoundly automated the admission process of the University of Chittagong started from session 2018-2019. The system includes all phases of admission: application process, admit card, seat plan, result publishing, selection, migration process, admission to the department, and after all, entry to the university student database. In the automated system, we have integrated two different mobile payment systems, two different SMS gateways, API interface to retrieve Bangladesh Education Board data, and many more APIs with ensuring robust security.
We have also included two different mobile apps: one for applicants and another for the anti-proxy system.

CU infoScan

This app strengthens both the academic and the administrative system of the University of Chittagong to identify its actual students providing respective information details from the student database. Fraud individuals, who claim the studentship of this university, can easily be detected with the app.


'Maa' app helps a pregnant mother and her family to be aware of the physical and mental change of the mother, complications and general symptoms, common guidance and care needed during pregnancy etc. with the change of a baby in every week of 40 weeks from the pregnancy up to the birth of the baby.


This game is a Puzzle genre game. There will be a grid of different colors. The Center of it contains a text which indicates a color. The player has to choose that color from other grids.

Mail Runner

The game Mail Runner ( Dak Horkora ) is on the classic history of the early 19th century "Mail Runner", who was in many ways a familiar figure to Europe, Africa, Asia and so on. The mail runner was the courier who carried public and private mail running long distance on foot and setting out mailbag minding fear of many life-threatening obstacles. Runners played on the fear of thick jungle, thuggees and robbers, rain and torrent, ravines and tigers, and predatory beasts. Sometimes he was killed a mile away from his last halt. Still, runner fulfills his duties in heroic and tragic moments with joy and pain. This game will let you feel the thrill and struggles during runner's movement through obstacles.


PingMap is a mediator to get instant locations of your friends and family members. It may also support the trusted members to know your location without interrupting you even when you are busy in an important meeting, asleep or unaware about phone during traveling.

বনপুরী (Bonpuri)

“বনপুরী (Bonpuri)” is a 2D animated cartoon for kids that make sense of humor with the jungle life chemistry. In this cartoon, we have introduced controversial characters likes a snake and mongoose in the animation. Moreover, a stylish bird-mom with her cute eggs/kids will draw empathy of the audience. The characters have triangular relation at daggers drawn. Their life chemistry draws people’s attention with great fun.

The Commando

This game is a strategic, role-playing game situated in indoor environments. There are 23 levels in the game and all levels are available for free. There are different types of missions in the game. Player has to think and make a plan to complete every mission. In the mission, sometimes gamer has to defeat all enemies. Sometimes a player has to hide from enemies. Sometimes a player has to save hostages.